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Commercial Property Inspection News

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ASTM International Standards: A712 Standard Test Method for Electrical Resistivity of Soft Magnetic Alloys has been reapproved, available as A712-07(2013)

ASTM International Standards: A861 Standard Specification for High-Silicon Iron Pipe and Fittings has been reapproved, available as A861-04(2013)

ASTM International Standards: A908 Standard Specification for Stainless Steel Needle Tubing has been reapproved, available as A908-03(2013)

ASTM International Standards: B545 Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Tin has been revised to B545-13

ASTM International Standards: C283 Standard Test Methods for Resistance of Porcelain Enameled Utensils to Boiling Acid has been revised to C283-13

ASTM International Standards: D904 Standard Practice for Exposure of Adhesive Specimens to Artificial Light has been reapproved, available as D904-99(2013)

ASTM International Standards: D1101 Standard Test Methods for Integrity of Adhesive Joints in Structural Laminated Wood Products for Exterior Use has been reapproved, available as D1101-97a(2013)

ASTM International Standards: D1143/D1143M Standard Test Methods for Deep Foundations Under Static Axial Compressive Load has been reapproved, available as D1143/D1143M-07(2013)

ASTM International Standards: D1828 Standard Practice for Atmospheric Exposure of Adhesive-Bonded Joints and Structures has been reapproved, available as D1828-01(2013)

ASTM International Standards: D1976 Standard Test Method for Elements in Water by Inductively-Coupled Argon Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy has been revised to D1976-12